IBM Sessions

May 14
11:00-11:20 AM

How AI is Redefining the Way Winning Teams Are Created and Developed
Speaker: Mario Del Angel, Solutions Consultant, IBM Watson Talent and Kenexa

With their capacity to think like the human brain and absorb vast amounts of structured and unstructured data, AI is creating new possibilities across every profession, including HR. See how AI can greatly improve recruiter efficiency, candidate quality and can create exceptional candidate experiences.  Learn how to encourage internal mobility and improve employee experience with personalized career guidance that then provides them the necessary development plans to get them to that next level.

May 14
3:05- 3:35 PM

8 Ways IBM’s 21st Century Recruiters are Changing the Recruitment Game
Speaker: Kevin Blair, Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition

One year ago, IBM had a vision of a 21st century, A.I. augmented recruiter. Last year at UNLEASH, we shared our talent acquisition transformation plan to reinventing the recruiting function. Today, that vision is becoming a reality. IBM’s Head of Talent Acquisition, Kevin Blair, will reveal 8 ways IBM’s 21st century, A.I. augmented recruiters are changing the recruitment game. Kevin will also discuss new, innovative technology to improve recruiter productivity and provide consumer grade experience to hiring managers and candidates.

May 15
11:15-11:35 AM

The Future of HR: Putting smart to work and using AI for good
Speaker: Duke Daehling, Partner, GBS Talent & Engagement, North America 

In this new era of disruption, AI can help you amplify the humanity of digital systems and augment human intelligence. For example, it can remove gender bias from your hiring process and performance reviews, take important, relevant info into account when it comes to compensation increases and drive inclusion so an employee’s inability to hear won’t limit their ability to move forward. Learn more about the great potential for cognitive technologies to have a positive effect on HR and recruiting processes, to make them more inclusive and your business more diverse.        

May 15
12:05-12:25 PM

Impact and Inspiration: A Research Study of an AI in HR Pioneer 
Speaker: Sheri Feinzig, Ph.D., Director, IBM Talent Management Consulting and Smarter Workforce Institute

In this session, the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute shares the results of our latest research study exploring the transformative power of bringing AI to HR. We distill insights from more than 20 senior executives in IBM HR, sharing what they've learned along their AI in HR journey. We'll show how AI can be applied across the talent lifecycle, creating quantifiable business benefits as well as great user experiences. We'll provide guidance on starting your own AI in HR journey, making this session as practical as it is inspiring.

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AI is creating new possibilities across every profession, including HR. Stop by the IBM booth at Unleash to see how Watson is improving recruiter efficiency and creating exceptional candidate and employee experiences. 

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