Measuring employee experience is key to success

Employees today expect increased transparency, individually tailored employee experiences, and engagement with their organizations in an ongoing and interactive dialogue. When this happens, employees report a more engaging work experience and are:

◼ 52% less likely to leave

◼ 73% more likely to go above and beyond

◼ 32% more likely to achieve higher performance

Are you prepared for how the cognitive era will transform your employees' experience at work?

Are you providing a positive employee experience?

Offer better career opportunities

Use AI to discover your employees’ skills, preferences and capabilities

Provide the right training

Chart an innovative path to personalized employee learning

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Offer better career opportunities

An AI-powered virtual assistant can match your organizational needs to your employees’ career goals. Through interactions and updates, the virtual assistant will learn about an employee’s preferences and interests, then make recommendations for existing job opportunities and suggest how to navigate future career moves.

Featured product: Watson Career Coach

Support employees with the right training

Leverage AI to provide your employees with engaging personalized content that encourages continuous development – delivered in a digital format for “anytime, anywhere” learning. Keep employees aware of critical business initiatives.

Featured product: Watson Talent Development


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