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Build a resilient and inspired workforce by focusing on employee engagement and trusted communication to ensure employees are informed and prepared as you confidently manage the return to a safe and healthy workplace.

Engage your workforce from anywhere

Achieve required business outcomes in a time of crisis and beyond by providing an effective means of virtual assistance to your employees and engage your workforce no matter their location.

Leading and working virtually

Build the capability for crisis resiliency by engaging the workforce no matter their location (virtual, onsite, or hybrid) through an operating model that can anticipate and adapt to any change.

Digital learning and skill building

With access to a vast array of free and for-fee digital learning content structured around a broad range of hot skills and new ways of working, you can engage diverse stakeholders.

Virtual assistant for credible communications and feedback

A virtual agent that covers FAQs and best practices related to health and safety as well as practices related to remote working. Empower your workforce with added efficiency and transparency.

Re-entry to the new (ab)normal

Businesses have been radically disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis, resulting in millions of people working remotely. Organizations need strategies for both workforce re-entry and ongoing support of remote workers during this time of transition to ensure business resiliency.

Continuous workplace and employee readiness

Prepare for employees to return to the new (ab)normal with a structured sequence of coordinated actions that promote health and safety and reduces risk.

Work redesign and workforce rationalization

Create a smarter workforce plan, increasing your agility to serve customers and optimize your workforce—resulting in a new workforce model.

Monitoring and managing changing conditions

Inform decisions about when to have employees return to the workplace, and remain at work, with a focus on employee health.

Dynamic enterprise of the future

Workforce Planning is the first step in creating a framework that enables the business strategy and talent strategy to integrate and inform each other. Organizations need to adapt to short-term, but consider how these elements are integrated into longer-term plan, helping improve future agility and resilience.

Digital HR and intelligent workflows

Organizations require agility to adapt culture and working practices that drive engagement and productivity today with new workflows that will remain essential in the future.

Future skilling

Understand the skills your organization has today and the skills it needs tomorrow while unleashing on-line coaching and virtual on-the-job support to accelerate skilling.

HR optimization and cost reduction

Deliver new ways of working and establish a roadmap to digitally transform HR while enhancing employee engagement and reducing costs. 

Other helpful resources

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Business continuity in pandemics: Building location-agnostic work platforms

The most adaptable, resilient businesses tap into cloud-based environments that support “work anywhere” without sacrificing productivity or quality.


Together, we can mount an unprecedented response.  Discover new ways to fight the virus, stay informed and adapt to circumstances.