Brandon Hall Gold Award

Watson Career Coach has been recognized for the “Best Advance in Career Management or Planning Technology.”

A cognitive talent management solution


IBM® Watson™ Career Coach is a virtual assistant that aligns your business goals with your employees’ career goals. Through data, interactions and updates, Watson Career Coach learns about an employee’s preferences and interests, and makes recommendations for existing job opportunities and how to navigate future career moves.
IBM also offers IBM Watson Career Coach Express, which does not require job/skills dictionary or historical employee data, for organizations that would like to make an immediate impact on internal mobility. Through the same AI-powered, virtual, natural language chatbot, the express version makes next internal job recommendations based on questions and answers with employees and by scanning an uploaded resume for information.

Optimize your talent management strategy

Reduce hiring costs

Retain top performers by providing a clear vision for future growth and advancement in the organization

Improve employee engagement

Provide employees with job enrichment, learning, and the resources to pursue future career goals

Build the skills of existing talent

Empower employees to discover where they are and where they need to be to grow with your business

Explore Watson Career Coach features

Your personal career advisor

Get answers to commonly asked career questions and guidance customized to an individual’s career aspirations

Explore the next career opportunity

Watson Career Coach will advise employees of new job opportunities that align to their skills, interests and chosen career paths

Navigate your career path

Watson Career Coach helps employees map their career path by showing them what employees in a given role have gone on to do next

Discover new learning opportunities

Watson Career Coach prepares employees for growth by suggesting learning opportunities that align to their desired career paths

IBM Watson Talent Frameworks

Need help defining or updating skills frameworks to power career pathing? Watson Talent Frameworks helps Watson Career Coach understand and recommend career paths by linking an expertly-curated network of competencies and skills to job roles.

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