Providing a great candidate experience can no longer be seen as a ‘nice to have’ for organizations. Candidate experience often begins before application and is linked to advocacy, job offer acceptance, and even potential sales.

Greenhouse and IBM Watson Talent are partnering to offer an exceptional candidate experience. The power of IBM Watson combines with Greenhouse's end-to-end talent acquisition capabilities to deliver captivating experiences for candidates and valuable analytical insights for organizations.



Seamless integration

AI-infused talent acquisition improves candidate engagement and recruiter experience.

Award-winning candidate experience

Engage job seekers with personalized conversations and make a strong impression and brand connection.

Personalized job recommendations

Suggest roles to job seekers based on skill fit (instead of keywords), experiences and interests.

Candidate insight analytics

Learn about what candidates really want to know and what they think of your company’s responses.

Generate qualified applications

Attract a more diverse and qualified talent pool by focusing on job seekers’ skills and preferences.


To prosper, organizations need employees with the right skills to deliver today and tomorrow’s business priorities. Too often a skill disconnect exists that impedes performance. With AI, career conversations and development resources can be personalized and scaled to reach every single employee, so that skills gaps become a thing of the past.

IBM Watson Talent and ServiceNow are joining forces to give employees personalized development paths and real-time visibility into the opportunities and skills in demand within their company.



Seamless integration

Watson AI capabilities are seamlessly connected with ServiceNow Employee Service Center solution.

Engage with personalized learning

Development recommendations based on employee history, motivations and organizational needs.

Boost internal mobility 

Provide visibility to job opportunities and support a culture of internal mobility.

Scale career coaching

A virtual career coach supports every step of every employee’s journey to success.

Solution Demo

The Employee Career Development and Service Center from IBM and ServiceNow provides a career coaching experience for employees.


Talent development leaders want new ways to overcome skill gaps. What they need are agile, self-learning teams and quick ways to connect talent to opportunities, while also creating employee experiences that positively impact engagement, retention and productivity.

IBM Watson Talent and Skillsoft are joining forces to deliver AI-powered learning and career development to companies of all sizes. The joint solution is agile, employee-centric, engaging and transformative. It offers a new way for organizations to develop their workforce and enables HR to better execute their talent imperatives.



Industry-leading learning content

The largest and most comprehensive training content designed for the needs of modern learners.

AI-curated job and skill taxonomy

Intelligently-tagged content drives agile, personalized learning at scale.

Virtual career coach

Personalized learning and career recommendations to coach employees every step of the way.

Boost internal mobility

Clear visibility of job opportunities support a culture of internal mobility.


In today’s fast-changing workplace, bringing in new talent is increasingly challenging. Companies are often encumbered by inefficient talent management processes, outdated evaluation tools and unpredictable hiring outcomes. The fact is recruiting teams are swamped. Hiring processes are inefficient and prone to bias.

IBM Watson Talent and Workday are partnering to offer AI-powered, end-to-end talent acquisition solutions that will help companies secure better quality hires with lower acquisition costs, greater diversity, and an enhanced overall candidate experience.



Improve recruiter efficiency

Focus your recruiting efforts by prioritizing the most urgent job requisitions.

Reduce time-to-hire

AI speeds the process of reviewing applicants against job requirements.

Find the best match

Surface the most qualified candidates for the job and compare quickly without human bias.

Enjoy an end-to-end experience

AI-powered exactly when you need it to make recruiting data-driven and an engaging experience.