Activate a resilient, flexible workforce model with remote employees who are productive, engaged and learning in times of crisis and beyond

How do you maintain a productive, engaged, healthy workforce during times of crisis? 

  • Sustain interpersonal relationships and coach leaders to strengthen collaboration with tips for workingacross remote locations
  • Provide employees with 24x7 information regarding crisis-related updates and company specific policies and guidelines
  • Provide frequent opportunities to connect via voice, video and other collaboration technologies to discuss personal and business topics 
  • Identify and authorize essential employees

How can you provide accurate and reliable crisis-related answers to employees at call center volume?

  • Provide your employees accurate and reliable crisis-related answers while reducing questions to your managers and call center staff
  • Reduce risk of misinformation with 24x7 crisis-related information curated from expert sources
  • Take advantage of AI-driven alerts and insights available via multiple channels to meet your audience where they are
  • Leverage company branded virtual assistant at no cost for 90 days to get through immediate times of crisis

How do you build skills during an extended period of remote work?

Build a culture of ongoing, self-directed, self-motivated learning by encouraging focused, distance learning now, leveraging IBM's learning platform and services with benefits that include:

  • Immediate, free access to on-line marketplace of IBM and third party learning available via
  • Content delivered through one of a kind IBM Cognitive learning platform that provides a consumer grade digital experience
  • Ability to recognize and support the value of continuous, virtual learning with certifications and badging
  • Current and relevant personal and organizational capabilities enhanced by curated learning content and learning services

How do you create a resilient workforce for the future?

IBM leverages our own experience transforming ourselves to help clients raise their virtual workforce maturity levels to better anticipate and embrace change as a part of business reality by:

  • Leveraging existing technologies to virtually empower employees
  • Have a roadmap to transform HR to digital operations, enhancing experience and engagement while reducing costs
  • Identify continuous improvement opportunities associated with operating in a new normal
  • Understand and apply lessons learned from recent experience to create dynamic workforce strategy and operating model

Enable your team to effectively work remotely and achieve required business outcomes in a time of crisis while accelerating a future way of working

Employee COVID-19 virtual assistant

A virtual agent that covers FAQs and best practices related to health and safety as well as practices related to remote working. Empower your workforce with added efficiency and transparency.

  • Quick, reliable way to get crisis related information to employees wherever they are 
  • Curated information from WHO, CDC and NHS
  • Option of adding company specific content
  • Easily integrated into call center environment and systems
  • Reduces call volumes resulting in 40-60% deflections of COVID-19 related inquiries

Effectively working and leading in a virtual environment

Build the capability for crisis resiliency by engaging the workforce no matter their location (virtual, onsite, or hybrid) through an operating model that can anticipate and adapt to any change.

  • Remote working techniques, training,  and facilitation best practices
  • Virtually empower employees with your existing technology
  • Provide coaching on Agile and Garage methods for virtual/remote work
  • Resulting in improved workforce productivity and engagement

Education for immediate and future skill needs

IBM provides a learning marketplace as a mechanism to engage your employees and build skills during an extended period of remote work. With access to a vast array of free and for-fee digital learning content structured around a broad range of hot skills and new ways of working, you can engage diverse stakeholders.

  • Supports a new digital, agile way of working with a focus on employee engagement and experience
  • Accelerant to new workforce skilling model that includes new ways of working and personalized skilling recommendations 

Accelerated smarter workforce strategy and activation planning

IBM brings a proven set of methods, tools and solutions to co-create a smarter workforce plan, increasing your agility to serve customers and optimize your workforce.

  • Workforce archetype assessment, smarter workforce strategy and activation planning
  • Enable workforce planning for business operations and continuity, talent development, talent differentiation, and smarter sourcing.
  • Identify and provide visibility to future skills and essential resiliency skills
  • Resulting in an accelerant to a new workforce model, a digital HR function, and achieving cost reduction objectives

Essential worker identification and enablement

COVID-19 Workday Pack by IBM enables Workday clients to rapidly deploy a lightweight global solution to maintain the most critical personal and business data required for worker status during times of crisis. 

  • Stay on top of workforce health status during a crisis.  
  • Maintain control of travel with additional verifications and approvals
  • Maintain essential worker details across the enterprise

How IBM is helping in times of crisis

protection gloves

As part of a recruitment process outsourcing program, IBM is supporting a major hospital system in a time of need to quickly hire an increased number of nurses. 


A major retailer in Spain needed support for office employees without prior teleworking experience, IBM quickly got  8,000 of their employees set up to work from home in just 48 hours.

call center headphone

IBM helped a Communications company increase productivity by 20% with a Watson-powered chatbot for their call center agents.

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Talent development

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Talent acquisition

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HR transformation

HR is the new engine of growth for the organization, helping attract and retain a diverse and highly skilled workforce that supports evolving business needs.

Meet the global challenge of COVID-19

In a global crisis, the right solutions can help you navigate uncertainty, adapt to changing conditions and become more resilient

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Leverage the IBM Garage to brainstorm your talent management transformation 

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