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Let's turn ambition into action. See how IBM is using Envizi to collect data from more than 6,500 utility bills a year, calculate emissions and track progress toward sustainability goals.

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What if data could save the planet?

In the race to reduce emissions, consumption and environmental impacts, everything is on the table. Companies across sectors are looking to transform their business models by prioritizing sustainability in their core operations and meet the growing demands of key stakeholders and conscious customers.

But organizations can’t do it alone. The pursuit of net zero can only truly begin when an organization is able to monitor, track and report on their carbon footprint, energy transition goals and environmental, social and governance (ESG) data.

Enterprises that want to make a positive impact on the planet while ensuring long-term financial stability need the right combination of strategic partnerships and AI-infused technology to put their business sustainability goals into action.

Start your sustainability journey today by connecting your strategic roadmap with day-to-day operations.

Transform challenges into solutions

Gain insights into achieving sustainability goals by infusing data with AI to deliver profit and purpose.

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Use cases

Sustainability strategy, data and reporting Collaborate with IBM Consulting® and employ IBM® Envizi™ to help accelerate your sustainability goals. Develop strategies by using generative AI and enhance data management to enable regulatory compliance and deliver key insights to stakeholders. See how Melbourne Water streamlined sustainability reporting Explore IBM Envizi

Energy transition and climate resilience Fast-track your shift to renewable energy and build climate resilience with IBM Maximo® and the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite. Enhance grid efficiency and modernize your energy infrastructure by using AI, IoT and blockchain technologies. See how Andel accelerated energy transition Explore IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite

Asset, facility and infrastructure management Enhance your physical operations with AI-powered asset management supported by IBM Maximo and IBM TRIRIGA®. These products help to boost asset performance, optimize facility use and drive decarbonization while cutting costs, waste and emissions. See how Sund and Baelt extended their infrastructure asset lifecycle Explore IBM Maximo

Responsible computing and IT Streamline IT infrastructure with AI-driven computing from IBM Cloud®. Drive your social impact by boosting efficiency, saving energy and adopting responsible end-of-life strategies for IT assets. Discover IBM Hursley's journey to carbon neutrality Explore energy efficient IT solutions

Sustainable supply chains and circularity Enhance supply chain equity and transparency with IBM Sterling® Order Management and IBM Envizi Supply Chain Intelligence. Use AI, blockchain and integration capabilities that enable just transition, circularity and Scope 3 emissions management. Learn how Hera reduces landfill waste Explore IBM supply chain solutions

It’s really important for us to be transparent and to provide confidence to our investors, shareholders, employees and tenants that we operate in a sustainable way. Supporting our disclosures with robust ESG data is non-negotiable. Katrina Itin Sustainability Advisor Growthpoint Properties Australia Read the case study

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IBM Garage™ is the collaborative approach at the heart of IBM Consulting.

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Resources What is decarbonization?

Decarbonization is a method of climate change mitigation and the process of significantly reducing or eliminating carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

Turn ambition into enterprise-wide action

Build and operationalize a strategic roadmap that can guide an organization to achieve its unique sustainability initiatives.

What are weather models?

Weather models are computer simulations of the atmosphere for weather research and forecasting.

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