Sustainability solutions from IBM
Let’s turn ambition into action. See how IBM helped Melbourne Water streamline its sustainability reporting into a single system of record for energy use and ESG performance.
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What if data could save the planet?

Being sustainability focused is hard. For most businesses, it is not optional. To put your sustainability goals into action, you need a strategy and solutions that are specific to your needs. Finding the right partner to help you build a strategic roadmap can enable your business to be more responsible and profitable.

Make informed decisions by making the most of your data. Connect your strategy with day-to-day operations to embed sustainability into your business transformation.

See how IT sustainability can expand beyond the data center

Use cases

Asset management Create a lower-emissions business. Use automation to track resource usage, reduce costs and improve services. Build intelligent asset management into your operations Explore IBM Maximo Application Suite

Energy saving Operationalize sustainability and save energy by shifting to renewables. IT Sustainability Beyond the Data Center Explore IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4

ESG reporting Use environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting to integrate data silos. Find new opportunities to drive positive change across your operations. A guide to ESG data management (5.7 MB) Explore IBM Envizi

Strategy Move toward a sustainable business model using a roadmap that’s informed by data. Drive action and outcomes. Balance sustainability and profitability Explore IBM Sustainability Consulting Services
Supply chain Reduce waste, lower cost, and improve environmental circularity when you create a more-resilient supply chain. Build intelligent and resilient supply chains Explore IBM supply chain solutions

Client stories

Celestica This innovative organization transformed sustainability reporting across the manufacturing portfolio. Read the case study
Hera Learn how the company is bringing AI-based automation to the circular economy. Read the case study

Hursley Learn how IBM Hursley implements automation in its journey to carbon neutrality. Read the case study

Phoenix Systems See how the company is fusing the convenience of public cloud with unprecedented security. Read the case study

VPI See how the company is pushing forward on the path to net zero with IBM Maximo software. Read the case study

Yara Learn how this fertilizer company is using a digital farming platform to feed a growing planet. Read the case study


Next steps
Learn how IBM Garage for sustainability can help your team accelerate digital transformation or meet with an expert to put your sustainability strategy in motion with a customized solution set. Explore IBM Garage for sustainability