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IBM® z/OS Management Services Catalog assists z/OS system programmers in managing their z/OS environment using services. Services streamline repetitive and frequent tasks as well as complex, infrequent tasks. Associated institutional knowledge and processes are embedded in services, therefore helping z/OS system programmers adhere to best practices and internal standards.

Services are built using z/OSMF Workflows technology. They improve usability and make workflows more accessible by shielding system programmers from the complexity of steps involved in the workflow.

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Big picture 1. Configure in z/OSMF.
(Administrators only)
2. Create services in Administration.
(Administrators only)
3. Manage and publish services to the Catalog.
(Administrators only)
4. Submit services from the Catalog. 5. Monitor and run your service submissions.
How to get started
Access and configure in z/OSMF z/OS Management Services Catalog is part of the z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF). Instructions and information for installation are available in the z/OSMF Configuration Guide.

The latest version of z/OS Management Services Catalog is available in APAR PH44234 (PTF UI80931 for z/OS V2.5, PTF UI80932 for z/OS V2.4).
Learn how to configure z/OS Management Services Catalog
User roles z/OS Management Services Catalog is a tool for z/OS system programmers. At least one system programmer must be an administrator for z/OS Management Services Catalog. Administrators create and manage what services are published. All z/OSMF users can submit and run published services to complete z/OS management tasks. Learn more about administrator and non-administrator roles
Global settings Administrators have access to Global settings for the product. Set your Global settings while setting up your product. You can change them at any time.

Target systems
The target systems services can run on.

Pubilshing approval
Whether services must be approved before publishing, and who the approvers are.

JOB statements
The default JOB statement when a service runs. This can be edited by the service submitter.

How service submissions are deleted from History.
Learn more about Global settings
Create services Administrators can create and publish services in Administration. Services are built on z/OSMF Workflows technology. To create a service, you need a workflow definition file. Information and variables from the file generate a service. Inputs are created for each variable. You can edit and add logic to inputs to make the service easier to run. Learn about creating workflow defintion files for services Learn how services work Find workflow definition files in the z/OS Open Repository of Workflows (ZOROW)
Sample services IBM provides sample services in Administration. You can publish the sample services to the Catalog for your team to run. You can also edit the sample services to better fit your system's unique needs.
  • Create a zFS file system
  • Expand a zFS file system
  • Encrypt a zFS file system
  • Mount a zFS file system
  • Unmount a zFS file system
  • Replace an SMP/E RECEIVE ORDER certificate
  • Delete a RACF user ID
  • Create a RACF digital certificate
  • Delete an alias from a catalog
Learn about sample services
Manage services Administrators manage services in Administration. You can create, edit, copy, suspend, archive, and delete services. You can manage service categories by creating new categories, deleting categories, and changing the category of services that are not published.

If publishing approval is turned on in Global settings, you can approve services in Administration. 
Learn about services in Administration Learn about managing service categories Learn how to approve a service
Publish services Publish services to the Catalog so your z/OS system programming team can run the services to complete z/OS management tasks. Learn how to publish services
Submit services Submitting a service creates a service submission, which you can run to complete the intended z/OS management task. You can submit services that are published in the Catalog.

To submit a service, you need to set the run properties and provide values for inputs.
Learn about submitting services to complete z/OS tasks Learn about providing input values and run properties
Activity When you submit a service you create an active service submission. Your active service submissions and the active service submissions of your team can all be viewed in Activity. You can modify your active service submissions before they run. Administrators can modify others' active service submissions. Service submissions are active until they are completed, terminated, or expired. Learn about services submissions in Activity Learn about modifying service submissions Learn about troubleshooting service submissions in z/OSMF Workflows
History After a service submission completes, expires, or is terminated, it is no longer active and is recorded in History. History contains record of past service submissions from you entire team. You can duplicate service submissions to run them again. History has limited persistence, so service submissions in History are deleted according to the History Global settings. Learn about services submissions in History Learn about History Global settings
Technical resources z/OSMF Programming Guide

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z/OSMF Configuration Guide

Configure z/OS Management Services Catalog and z/OSMF using IBM Documentation.

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