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Hyper Protect Data Controller (formerly IBM Data Privacy Passports) encrypts eligible data as it moves throughout the enterprise and beyond. To make this encryption possible, Hyper Protect Data Controller packages the data at a field level into encrypted data objects (EDO) that can move within the enterprise and into distributed and hybrid cloud environments. Access to the data is controlled by a policy that you define. The policy ensures appropriate access to data based on the user’s need to know. Hyper Protect Data Controller encrypts SQL data sources that are accessed using Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). An IBM® z15™ or LinuxONE III system is required.

For complete end-to-end encryption of data, use Hyper Protect Data Controller with IBM pervasive encryption.

Big Picture: Hyper Protect Data Controller

pictogram for step one - install and configure

System administrators install and configure the hardware and software.

pictogram for step two - identify data to encrypt

Data owners identify the data to encrypt and how that data should be encrypted.

pictogram for step three - set up the policy

A security administrator sets up the policy in Hyper Protect Data Controller based on user roles.

pictogram for step four - activate approved policy

A system administrator activates the signed and approved policy and connects it to source and target databases.

pictogram for step five - data is used

People with various roles use the encrypted data.

How to get started with Hyper Protect Data Controller

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