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Welcome to the EzNoSQL for z/OS® content solution, your first stop for learning about IBM's EzNoSQL solution. Use it to improve your application design by creating JSON key:value databases on z/OS and take advantage of the advanced data sharing capabilities provided by IBM® Parallel Sysplex® technology.

With EzNoSQL you can easily create and access JSON databases through a comprehensive set of C-based APIs. The data can be shared from multiple application instances running on different processors, and EzNoSQL provides all the necessary serialization to protect the data.

Worried about having to code for eventual consistency with traditional NoSQL databases? Not with EzNoSQL’s single instance of the data. Data integrity and performance are met with EzNoSQL’s store-through caching design, in-memory buffering, and easy horizontal scaling. Let EzNoSQL be the database of choice to meet the growing demands of your application.

EzNoSQL is available on z/OS 2.4 and above with APAR OA62553.

Big picture 1. Allows processors to share a single instance of a database, without the need for data sharing, replicating the updates, or programming for eventual consistency.​ 2. Allows easy horizontal scalability by adding additional processors (or system instances) without additional overhead for improved performance.​ 3. Includes desired features such as system-managed storage, encryption, and data compression. 4. Allows transaction consistency through simple commit and backout APIs.​ 5. Allows access to documents from multiple elements through the creation of secondary indices.​ How to get started

Before creating your first EzNoSQL database on z/OS, ensure the proper system configuration is available to your application. If the required configuration is not available, help from the z/OS system administrators will be required to complete the setup.

Once the proper configuration is available, customize and execute the sample C program found in the system’s z/OS UNIX System Services (z/OS UNIX) directory: /samples/IBM/igwznsqsamp1.c. Any necessary customization steps are documented in the prolog of the sample program.

If the sample program successfully executes, you are now ready to design your own application using EzNoSQL. Refer to the documentation below for a detailed explanation of the APIs and the database features.

EzNoSQL sysplex design
z/OS system programmer

EzNoSQL requires at least one z/OS 2.4 image with APAR OA62553 installed and running in sysplex mode. Sysplex mode requires at least one internal or external coupling facility (CF). For better availability, configure more than one z/OS image and CF.

Initialize the SMSVSAM server address space on each z/OS instance in the sysplex or required by the application architect. If transactional consistency is required, enable the DFSMS transaction server (DFSMSTVS).

Setting up a sysplex VSAM Demystified (chapters 5 and 6)
z/OS storage administrator

Ensure the availability of one or more SMS storage classes (STORCLAS) which contain a RLS CACHESET with the name of a valid CF cache structure. The STORCLAS names can be provided to the application architect or assigned by the SMS ACS routines.

Optionally ensure the availability of one or more SMS data classes (DATACLAS) which contain database attributes such as data compression, encryption, 64-bit buffering, and do on. The DATACLAS names can be provided to the application architect or assigned by the SMS ACS routines.

Defining storage classes for VSAM RLS Defining VSAM RLS attributes in data classes VSAM Demystified (chapters 5 and 6) Defining Shareoptions and RLS attributes for data class

The application architect verifies the configuration.

  1. Customize and execute the sample C program to verify the EzNoSQL configuration is available and to become familiar with some of the APIs.

    The sample program can be found in the system’s z/OS UNIX directory, /samples/IBM/igwznsqsamp1.c.

  2. Perform customization steps that are documented in the prolog of the sample program.
  3. Refer to the documentation to Learn about the database features and the available APIs.
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