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The Integrated Accelerator for zEDC with the IBM® z15™ reduces the cost of storing, transporting and processing data. It replaces the zEDC Express adapter with on-chip compression, providing increased throughput and capacity: up to 8 times faster application elapsed time with no additional CPU time compared to a z14 with zEDC Express for compression/decompression. *

If you enabled compression selectively with zEDC Express, you might now enable compression more pervasively, including:

  • Storage (SMF logstreams, BSAM and QSAM data sets, DFSMShsm, DFSMSdss processing and zFS data)
  • In-application compression using standard Java packages or zlib APIs
  • Databases (Db2® LOBs, Db2 archive logs, and ContentManager OnDemand)
  • Network transmission (IBM Sterling™ Direct Connect).

Big Picture: Integrated Accelerator for zEDC

define a solution

Assess data and applications for compression.

download the workflow

Define what to compress. Consider encryption: compress first for efficiency.

get your solution id

Run the workload.

update your service definition

Test and assess compression.

update SCRT

Put compression into production.

How to get started

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* Measurements were collected in a controlled environment running an IBM developed workload under z/OS comprised of an equal mix of compression and decompression. Individual results may vary. Results are workload dependent.

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