Cloud Provisioning and Management content solution for z/OS

Welcome to the Cloud Provisioning and Management for z/OS content solution, your homepage for technical resources. Use it to improve the agility of your DevOps team, integrate z/OS into your hybrid cloud, and transform your IT infrastructure.

With IBM Cloud Provisioning and Management for z/OS, you create software service templates that provision IBM® middleware, such as IBM Customer Information Control System (CICS®), IBM Db2®, IBM Information Management System (IMS™), IBM MQ, and IBM WebSphere Application Server. You can track software instances that were provisioned from those templates. Users can quickly provision and deprovision an environment as needed through a self-service software services marketplace, with no need for intervention by a system administrator. With z/OS Cloud Broker, you can provision the software services through IBM Cloud Private (ICP).

IBM Cloud Provisioning and Management is available through z/OSMF, which provides a web browser-based user interface as well as REST APIs.

Big Picture: A Cloud Provisioning & Management Solution

enable plugins & set up security

Configure z/OSMF Cloud Provisioning and set up security.

define customized domain

Create a software services template.

create a template

Identify the consumers, such as application developers, and create the tenant.

connect the template

Connect the template to tenants and create resource pools.

publish template

Approve, test and publish the template.

make available in marketplace

Make the software service available in a marketplace.

How to get started with Cloud Provisioning & Management for z/OS

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