IBM Phytel University

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Outreach eLearning20 mineLearningLaunch
Outreach Quick Reference Guide2 pagesPDFOpen
Outreach User Guide48 pagesPDFOpen
Outreach End User Training (slide deck)39 pagesPDFOpen
Outreach FAQs1 pagePDFOpen
IBM Phytel Opt-Out Form 1 pagePDFOpen
IBM Phytel User Management28 pagesPDFOpen


Remind eLearning20 mineLearningLaunch
Remind Quick Reference Guide1 pagePDFOpen
Remind User Guide48 pagesPDFOpen
Remind Presentation (slide deck)54 pagesPDFOpen
Remind FAQs2 pagesPDFOpen
IBM Phytel Opt-Out Form1 pagesPDFOpen
IBM Phytel User Management28 pagesPDFOpen


Coordinate eLearning – Worklists20 mineLearningLaunch
Coordinate eLearning – Campaigns 13 mineLearningLaunch
Coordinate eLearning – Pre-visit Planning20 mineLearningLaunch
Coordinate Campaigns User Guide52 pagesPDFOpen
Coordinate FAQs3 pagesPDFOpen
COVID-19 Training Video
12 mineLearningLaunch
COVID-19 Campaign User Guide
13 pagesPDFOpen
IBM Phytel User Management
28 pagesPDFOpen

Product Support:

Legal Notices: Phytel Licensing, Phytel Clinical Code Sets, Phytel User Management