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Managing master data by using IBM Match 360 with Watson

Use the IBM Match 360 with Watson service on IBM Cloud Pak for Data to consolidate data from the disparate sources that fuel your business to establish a single, trusted, 360-degree view of your customers.

IBM Match 360 with Watson helps you to resolve entities across different sources to give you a clearer view of each customer. Load data into IBM Match 360 and run the matching algorithm to combine data from systems across your enterprise to create trusted master data entities. After you match your data, IBM Match 360 shows statistics and graphs to help you analyze and explore your master data.

Required service
IBM Match 360 with Watson
Related service
IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog
Data format
Data that is connected to a project or catalog
Data size

The IBM Match 360 with Watson service includes two connected and complementary user experiences: master data configuration and master data explorer.

IBM Match 360 user experience Service instance user role Actions
Master data configuration Data engineer Prepare and configure master data:
- Configure the IBM Match 360 service’s master data configuration asset.
- Upload data assets or connect data sources.
- Refine the generated data model.
- Map data into the model.
- Run the IBM Match 360 service’s powerful matching capability to create master data entities.
- Configure and tune the matching algorithm to meet your organization’s requirements.
Master data explorer Data steward Search, view, analyze, add, edit, and export master data entities and records.
Master data explorer Entity viewer
(business user)
Search, view, and analyze master data entities and records.

You can also connect to and work with your master data by using the IBM Match 360 REST APIs. For more information, see the API reference documentation in the IBM Cloud API and SDK reference library.


To use the data profiling and automapping features of IBM Match 360 with Watson, you must have the IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog service and must associate a catalog with IBM Match 360. Watson Knowledge Catalog is not required for running other IBM Match 360 capabilities.

Before you can match data using IBM Match 360, you need to create a project.

If you have data in cloud or on-premises data sources, you’ll need to add connections to those sources and you’ll need to add data assets from each connection.

Accessing the service

Before attempting to access the service, ensure that you have an appropriate service instance role. For details, see Giving users access to IBM Match 360 with Watson.

There is more than one way to access the IBM Match 360 with Watson service:

  • From the home page’s navigation menu, select Data > Master data.
  • From the Your services card on the home page, click the service name associated with your IBM Match 360 with Watson service instance.

In IBM Match 360 with Watson, the page titles double as a navigation menu. Click a page title to open the navigation menu and see a list of other pages within the current area of IBM Match 360 (configure or explore). Choose an item from the list to go to that page. For example, if you are in the configuration space, click the title to see the list of configuration pages, including Overview, Data setup, and Matching setup.

master data configuration navigation menu

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