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Searching for assets across projects and catalogs (Watson Studio and Watson Knowledge Catalog)

You can use the global search bar to search for assets across all the projects, catalogs, and deployment spaces to which you have access. You can also search for governance artifacts across the categories to which you have access.

Global search has these restrictions:
  • Search results show you only the governance artifacts in categories that you have permission to view. See Find governance artifacts.
  • Updates to category collaborators or roles might take up to 20 minutes to take effect.
  • Assets in the Information assets view are not searchable from the global search bar.

To search for an asset or artifact, you can enter one or more words in the global search field. The search results are matches from these properties of assets and artifacts:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Synonyms
  • Column names
  • Column descriptions
  • Assigned governance artifacts
  • Assigned categories
  • Custom fields

The highest scoring results are for matches to the name of the asset or artifact. Multiple assets and artifacts can have the same name. However, the name of the project, catalog, deployment space, or category is shown underneath the asset or artifact name so you can determine which result is the one you want.

Click an asset or artifact name to view it in its project, catalog, deployment space, or category.

If you can’t find the data asset you need, you can request access to data.

Results are prioritized in this order:

  1. Exact matches of complete words
  2. Partial matches of complete words
  3. Fuzzy matches

You can customize your searches with these techniques:

Changing the search scope

The default search scope of All includes all assets and governance artifacts. You can narrow the search scope by selecting All projects, a specific project, All catalogs, a specific catalog, All governance artifacts, or a specific type of governance artifact.

Searching for the start of a word

To search for words starting with a letter or letters, enter the first 1 to 3 letters of the word. For example, if you search for in, you’ll get results like initial and infinite, but not definite.

Searching for a part of a word

To search for partial word matches, include more than 3 letters. For example, if you search for conn, you’ll get results like connection and disconnect.

Only the first 12 characters in a word are used in the search. Any search terms you enter that are longer than 12 characters are truncated to the first 12 characters.

Searching for a phrase

To search for a specific phrase, surround the phrase with double quotation marks. For example, if you search for "payment plan prediction", you’ll get results that contain exactly that phrase.

Searching for multiple alternative words

To find results that contain any of your search terms, enter multiple words. For example, if you search for machine learning, you’ll get results that contain the word machine, the word learning, or both words.

Filtering and sorting results

You can filter search results by these properties:

  • Type of asset
  • Tags
  • Stewards or owners (for some types of assets and artifacts)
  • The user who last modified the asset or artifact

You can sort results by the most relevant or the last modified date.

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