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Logging project activity

While you create a project, you can select to log project activity. Logging project activity, tracks detailed project activity and creates a full activities log, which can be downloaded to view. If you don’t select this option during project creation, you can log project activity after the project was created.

You must have Admin role in a project to log project activity and to download the activities log for a full view of the accumulated change logs.

The following project activity is logged:

  • Adding or deleting data assets (of type CSV, XSL and TXT)
  • Adding, deleting or updating connections (local and global)
  • Adding data assets added to the project from a catalog
  • Adding or deleting Data Refinery flows
  • Adding or deleting SPSS models
  • Adding or deleting notebooks
  • Adding or deleting environment runtime definitions
  • Adding or deleting notebook or Data Refinery jobs (both on-demand and scheduled jobs)
  • Updating the project description from the Settings page of the project

When users open a project that logs project activity, a notification is displayed stating that project administrators can generate and download activity logs.

To generate an activity log when this option is set for the project:

  1. Click Generate new log in the Project activities log section on the Settings page of the project.
  2. Enter a log name and click Start generation. The generated log file is listed in the Project activities log section.
  3. Choose the Download option from the action menu next to the generate log file to download and view the activity log. The log file is in CSV format.

Project administrators can change the project activity log setting for a project at any time by changing the state of the toggle button from the Settings page of the project.

Note that tracking project activity is cached. This means that if you select to log activities after the project was created, it will take at least 30 minutes before logs are generated. Likewise, if you deselect the setting, logging is not stopped immediately.