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Post-installation tasks for the Watson Studio service

To finish setting up the Watson Studio service after installation, complete the appropriate tasks.

Optional tasks

You can perform the following optional tasks to enhance Watson Studio. You must have the appropriate permissions on the OpenShift cluster.

Task User role
Set the scaling for the service Project administrator
Set the time zone for the master node System administrator

Note: If Watson Studio is installed and running behind a firewall, that firewall must be configured to allow WebSocket connections (wss://). Enabling WebSocket connections is required when you’re using notebooks and RStudio.

To set the time zone after installing your service

If the service will be installed on a remote machine that runs in a different time zone than the master node, the time zone for the master node is overwritten by the time zone for the installer node. This time zone discrepancy results in scheduled jobs that don’t run at the correct time.

  1. Edit the timezone configmap, and then change the time zone string to the cluster time zone.
  2. Modify data.masterTimezone in the configmap and use the following command:
     oc edit configmap timezone

    and add the tz database code format associated with the master node time zone.

    Note: If you are using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.x, use the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time zone as the value of the data.masterTimezone in the configmap.

  3. If there is a pre-existing schedule, go to the Job details page in the UI and edit the schedule once to pick up the updated time zone.