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Workflows for governance artifacts (Watson Knowledge Catalog)

Workflows for governance artifacts enforce task-based processes to control the creating, updating, deleting, and importing of governance artifacts. Each workflow specifies the events that trigger it, which governance artifacts it controls, the tasks necessary to complete it, and which users are assigned to each task.

A workflow can govern one or more governance artifact types for one or more categories. The workflow defines the sequence of tasks that must be completed before an artifact is published and available to use or deleted. The tasks can include approving, reviewing, and publishing or deleting. One or more users is assigned to work on each task.

Example workflow

For example, supposed the workflow configuration for creating a business term in the Product development category requires an approval and an optional review before publishing.

Here’s the full workflow process:

  1. A user who has Editor, Admin, or Owner role in the Project development category clicks the New business term button and specifies the Project development category. The workflow is triggered.
  2. The user finishes drafting the business term and the user clicks Send for approval. An approval task is created for the assignees who are listed in the approval step of the workflow configuration. An optional review task is created for the assignees who are listed in the reviewer step of the workflow configuration.
  3. One of the assign approvers approves the business term. A publish task is created for the assignees who are listed in the publish step of the workflow configuration.
  4. One of the assigned publishers publishes the business term. The business term becomes active and visible to all users who can view one of its categories. The workflow is complete.

Managing workflow tasks

To see your assigned or completed tasks, choose Task inbox from the navigation menu.

You can claim a task to indicate that you are working on the task. If necessary, you can return a claimed task so that another assignee can claim it.

You can be assigned to a task for a governance artifact without being able to view the draft artifact. A draft artifact is visible only to the category collaborators who have the Owner, Admin, Editor, or Reviewer role in one of its categories.

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