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Creating connections for use in quick scan or automated discovery jobs (Watson Knowledge Catalog)

For some data sources supported for discovery with quick scan or automatic discovery, you cannot use platform-level connections, but you can create and use metadata import connections instead. For a list of these data sources, see Discovering assets.

To create a metadata import connection for use in discovery jobs:

  1. Go to Catalogs > Metadata import.
  2. Select Import and click New Import Area.
  3. Name the import area.
  4. Select the appropriate entry from the list of bridges and connectors. Depending on the data source, you’ll select a native connector or, more often, the ODBC or JDBC connector. You might need to upload your own ODBC or JDBC driver for the data source before you can create a connection. Then, click Next.
  5. Click the magnifying glass icon next to the Data connection field to open the list of data connections. Then, click New Data Connection.
  6. Provide all required information, such as the name and credentials. The name that you enter here is the connection name that you can use in discovery jobs. It shows up in the list of existing connections from which you can pick when you create a new discovery job. Therefore, you might want to use a name that clearly indicates the data source.
  7. Test the connection. Then, click OK.
  8. In the Import Parameters section, clear any checkboxes or other fields that determine the assets to include to create an empty import area. For example, clear the Include tables and Include views checkboxes when you create a JDBC connection.
  9. Select to run an express import and click Import.

After the import is complete, the connection is ready for use.