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Category collaborator roles (Watson Knowledge Catalog)

Category collaborators have roles that provide permissions to perform actions in the category.

Required permissions
You must have one of these user permissions to be a category collaborator:
  • Access governance artifacts
  • Manage governance categories

A predefined collaborator, All users, represents every user who has permission to be a category collaborator.

Category collaborator roles are cumulative down the category hierarchy:

  • A category collaborator can have more than one role assigned.
  • Subcategories inherit the category collaborators with their corresponding roles from all parent and higher-level categories.
  • For all roles except the Owner role, collaborators in a subcategory have the roles that they are assigned in the subcategory plus the roles that they are assigned in all higher-level categories.
  • Collaborators can have the Owner role for only the first category that they create in a category hierarchy. When they create subcategories, they are not assigned additional Owner roles.

With the Admin role, you can add, remove, or change the role of collaborators with any role except the Owner role. You must have the Owner role to assign the Owner role or remove collaborators who have the Owner role.

Category collaborator roles provide permissions to perform the actions in the following table. The permissions for artifacts apply to artifacts that have a primary relationship with the category.

Action Viewer Reviewer Editor Admin Owner
View categories and artifacts
Export categories and artifacts
View draft artifacts  
Manage artifacts    
Manage non-owner collaborators      
Create, edit, or import subcategories      
Manage owner role        
Delete categories        

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