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Creating an analytics project (Watson Studio and Watson Knowledge Catalog)

An analytics project is a collaborative workspace where you work with data and other assets to achieve a particular goal.

Required permissions
You must have one of these user permissions to create a project:
  • Manage projects
  • Create projects

Your project resources can include data, collaborators, tools, and operational assets that run code, like notebooks and models.

To create a project:

  1. Choose Projects > View all projects from the menu and then click New project on the My Projects page.
  2. Select Analytics project and click OK.
  3. Choose whether to create an empty analytics project or to create a project from file.
  4. If you create an empty analytics project, you have these project configuration options:
    • Integrate the project with Git. With Git integration, you can select to enable on-demand synchronization and to edit notebooks only in JupyterLab. This option is available only during project creation.
    • Edit notebooks with JupyterLab. Designates the JuypterLab IDE as the only notebook editor tool. This option is available only during project creation and only if the project is integrated with Git.
    • Mark the project as sensitive. The project has a sensitive tag and project collaborators can’t move data assets out of the project. You can enable or disable this option at any time on the project Settings page.
    • Log project activity. Detailed project activity is tracked in a full activities log that you can download. You can enable or disable this option at any time on the project Settings page.
  5. If you create a project from file, select to upload a project from file or from a Git repository. See Importing a project.
  6. Click Create. You can start adding resources if your project is empty, or begin working with the assets you imported.

    Before you begin working with the imported assets, you should check for missing credentials, for example in notebooks and data connections, to enable successful relinking between the assets.

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