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Project collaborators (Watson Studio and Watson Knowledge Catalog)

After you create a project, add collaborators to share knowledge and resources freely, shift workloads flexibly, and help one another complete jobs. You must have the Admin role in the project to manage collaborators.

Users with the Administrator role at the platform level who have the Manage projects permission can join any project and add collaborators to any project. See Predefined roles and permissions.

Add collaborators

Watch this video to see how to add collaborators and grant them access to your projects.

This video provides a visual method as an alternative to following the written steps in this documentation.

You can invite only users who have an existing Cloud Pak for Data account. If you need to add a collaborator who does not have an account, ask your Cloud Pak for Data administrator to add that user.

You can add a user group as a collaborator. All members of the user group have the same role in the project.

To add collaborators to your project:

  1. From your project, click the Access Control tab, and then click Add collaborators or Add user groups.
  2. Add the collaborators who you want to have the same access level:
    • Type email addresses into the Invite field.
    • Copy multiple email addresses, separated by commas, and paste them into the Invite field.
  3. Choose the access level for the collaborators and click Add:
    • Viewer: View the project.
    • Editor: Control project assets.
    • Admin: Control project assets, collaborators, and settings.
  4. Add more collaborators with the same or different access levels.
  5. Click Invite.

The invited users are added to your project immediately.

Change collaborator permissions

To change the permissions of a collaborator, on the Access Control page of the project, choose the permissions from the PERMISSION list next to the collaborator name.

Remove a collaborator

To remove a collaborator from a project, on the Access Control page of the project, choose Remove from the ACTIONS menu next to the collaborator name.

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