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Adding a data asset from a connection to a catalog (Watson Knowledge Catalog)

You can create a connected data asset based on a specific relational table or view, a set of partitioned data files, or a file that is accessed through a connection to a data source. You can also add a folder asset that is accessed through a connection in the same way. See Add a folder asset to a catalog.

You must have the Editor or Admin role in the catalog to add a connected data asset.

To add a connected data asset to a catalog:

  1. Click Add to catalog > Connected asset.
  2. Select an existing connection asset as the source of the data. If you don’t have any connection assets, click Create Connection and create a connection asset.
  3. Select the data you want and click Add. For partitioned data, select the folder that contains the files. If the files are recognized as partitioned data, you see the message: This folder contains a partitioned data set.
  4. Specify the other asset properties.
  5. Click Add. The asset appears on the catalog Browse page.

After the data asset appears on the Browse page, click its name to view and update it.

If data protection rules are enforced for the catalog, the asset preview is unavailable until the asset is evaluated by policies.

For more information on connections supported for the synchronization of information assets to the default catalog, see Information assets view.

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