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Managing access to a catalog (Watson Knowledge Catalog)

If you have the Admin role in the catalog, you can manage access to the catalog on the Access control page. You add collaborators with specific roles that determine their permissions to perform actions.

Add collaborators

You can add any Cloud Pak for Data user as a collaborator in a catalog.

You can add multiple collaborators with the same role in a single operation.

You can add a user group as a collaborator. If the user group is assigned one of the required permissions, all its users have the group’s role in the category. Otherwise, only those users who have one of the required permissions have the group’s role in the category. See Managing user groups.

To add one or more collaborators to a catalog:

  1. On the Access control page, click Add collaborators to add individuals or Add access groups to add groups.
  2. Enter the user’s name or email address in the Collaborators field to add individuals, or enter the access group name. Then, select the user or access group in the search results. You can copy multiple email addresses, separated by spaces, and paste them into the Collaborators field.
  3. Specify the role for all users:
    • Viewer: can view the catalog and use assets in projects.
    • Editor: can use, add, and control access to assets.
    • Admin: can manage assets, collaborators, and the catalog.
      See Catalog collaborator permissions.
  4. Click Add.

Change collaboration roles

You change the role of a collaborator on the Access Control page.

You can change the role of multiple collaborators simultaneously by selecting multiple users and choosing a role.

Delete collaborators

You delete collaborators by selecting one or more users on the Access control page and clicking the trash icon.