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Adding catalog assets to an analytics project (Watson Knowledge Catalog)

You can add a catalog asset to an analytics project from within the project or from within the catalog.

Required permissions
You must have the following permissions to copy a catalog asset to a project:
  • Any role in the catalog, however, if the privacy setting for the asset in the catalog is private, you must be a member of the asset.
  • The Admin or Editor role in the project.
You can’t add an asset in these situations:
  • The asset is blocked by data protection rules.
  • The asset requires a private connection asset that you’re not a member of.

For relational data assets, if any of the columns are masked when you view the asset in the catalog, those columns are also masked when you add the asset to a project. All project collaborators see the asset the way it looks to the person who adds it from the catalog.

Add assets from within a project

To add catalog assets from within a project:

  1. From your project, click the Find and Add Data icon (Shows the find data icon.).
  2. Click the Catalog tab and choose a catalog name.
  3. Select the assets you want and click Add to Project.
  4. Review your selection and click Add. If the assets require connections, the connection assets are also listed to be added to the project.

The assets are added to the project.

Add assets from within the catalog

To add assets to a project from the catalog:

  1. From the catalog Browse page, search for the assets you want to add and select them.
  2. Click Add to Project. If any of the assets require a connection, those connections are listed and will be added to the project as connection assets. If you don’t want to add a connection, you can remove it. All assets that require the removed connection are removed from the list of assets to add.
  3. Choose the project name.
  4. Click Add.

The assets are added to the project.

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