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RStudio environments (RStudio Server with R 3.6)

You can launch RStudio only in an RStudio environment. This can be the default RStudio environment that is included with the RStudio Server with R 3.6 service, or an RStudio environment that you created.

Default environment definitions

Watson Studio offers a default RStudio environment definition that you can use to quickly get started in RStudio without having to create your own RStudio environment definitions. The default environment definition is listed on the project’s Environments page.

Name Hardware configuration Software version
Default RStudio 1 vCPU and 1 GB RAM R 3.6

If you don’t create your own RStudio environment definition, Default RStudio is taken by default.


  • The default CPU and memory settings for the RStudio instance are set by the environment definitions. The maximum amount of CPU and RAM compute resources available to the active RStudio s