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Federated Learning Tutorial and Samples (Tech Preview)

Select the tutorial that fits your needs. Both tutorials use the same data sets and produce the same results. To facilitate the learning process of Federated Learning, we provide one tutorial with a UI based approach and one tutorial with an API calling approach. The results of either are the same. Federated Learning tutorial (UI) emonstrates how to create the Federated Learning experiment in a low-code environment. Federated Learning tutorial (API) uses two sample notebooks with Python scripts to demonstrate how to build and train the experiment.

This hands-on tutorial teaches you to learn how to create a Federated Learning experiment. The tutorial uses the MNIST data set to demonstrate how different parties can contribute data to train a model to recognize handwriting. You can choose between a UI-based or programmatic version of the tutorial.

Tech preview This is a technology preview and is not yet supported for use in production environments.

Tensorflow 2