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Sim Eval node

The Simulation Evaluation (Sim Eval) node is a terminal node that evaluates a specified field, provides a distribution of the field, and produces charts of distributions and correlations.

This node is primarily used to evaluate continuous fields. It therefore compliments the evaluation chart, which is generated by an Evaluation node and is useful for evaluating discrete fields. Another difference is that the Sim Eval node evaluates a single prediction across several iterations, whereas the Evaluation node evaluates multiple predictions each with a single iteration. Iterations are generated when more than one value is specified for a distribution parameter in the Sim Gen node.

The Sim Eval node is designed to be used with data that was obtained from the Sim Fit and Sim Gen nodes. The node can, however, be used with any other node. Any number of processing steps can be placed between the Sim Gen node and the Sim Eval node.

Important: The Sim Eval node requires a minimum of 1000 records with valid values for the target field.