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Report node

You can use the Report node to create formatted reports containing fixed text, data, or other expressions derived from the data. Specify the format of the report by using text templates to define the fixed text and the data output constructions. You can provide custom text formatting using HTML tags in the template and by setting output options. Data values and other conditional output are included in the report using CLEM expressions in the template.

Alternatives to the Report node

The Report node is most typically used to list records or cases output from a flow, such as all records meeting a certain condition. In this regard, it can be thought of as a less-structured alternative to the Table node.

  • If you want a report that lists field information or anything else that is defined in the flow, rather than the data itself (such as field definitions specified in a Type node), then you can use a script instead.
  • To produce a list of field names without using scripting, you can use a Table node preceded by a Sample node that discards all records. This produces a table with no rows, which can be transposed on export to produce a list of field names in a single column. (Select the Transpose data option in the Table node to do this.)