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Watson Assistant for Voice Interaction on Cloud Pak for Data

Version 1.0.7


Watson Assistant for Voice Interaction is a set of services for IBM Cloud Pak for Data, that, along with IBM Voice Gateway, deliver a Watson-based voice automation system.

You can integrate this system with SIP-based telephone systems to deliver a cognitive assistant as an interactive voice response (IVR) system. The IVR system uses natural language understanding to understand what a customer is saying, and responds in real-time with voices that are built by using neural technologies. The service can also transcribe a phone call between a caller and agent so that the conversation can be processed with analytics to deliver real-time agent feedback.

Integrated services

Prerequisite services

Prerequisite services
Watson Assistant Build your own branded assistant into any device, application, or channel. Users interact with your application through the user interface that you implement.
Watson Speech to Text Convert audio and voice to written text with speech recognition capabilities for your applications.
Watson Text to Speech Convert written text to natural-sounding speech for your applications and stream the results back to the client with minimal delay.