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Watson Discovery on Cloud Pak for Data

Version 2.2.0


IBM Watson Discovery for IBM Cloud Pak for Data is an AI-powered search engine that extracts answers from complex business documents.

With Watson Discovery for Cloud Pak for Data, you can:

  • Visually train AI for deep understanding of your content, including tables and images, to help you find business-value hidden in your enterprise.
  • Use natural language or structured queries to find relevant answers, surface insights, and build AI-enhanced business processes anywhere using powerful API interfaces or included reusable UI components.

Integrated services

Related services

Related services
Watson Assistant Build your own branded assistant into any device, application, or channel. Users interact with your application through the user interface that you implement.
Watson Knowledge Studio Create a machine learning model that understands the linguistic nuances, meaning, and relationships specific to your industry or create a rule-based model that finds entities in documents based on rules that you define.