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SPSS Modeler on Cloud Pak for Data

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Version 4.0.0


With the SPSS Modeler service, data scientists can create flows to:

  • Discover, prepare, and blend data
  • Develop and manage models
  • Visualize the results

No coding is required.

You can use SPSS Modeler flows to build machine learning pipelines that you can use to iterate rapidly during the model building process. Whether you’re trying to find the right algorithm or experimenting with different ways of preparing your data, you can create reproducible research that’s easily understood by any member of your team.

With SPSS Modeler flows, you can quickly develop predictive models using business expertise to improve decision making. The flows interface is based on the long-established SPSS Modeler client software and uses industry-standard CRISP-DM methodology. The SPSS Modeler service supports the entire data mining process, from data exploration all the way to better business results.

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