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Guardium External S-TAP on Cloud Pak for Data

Versions 11.2.0, 11.3.0


IBM Guardium® External S-TAP® is a component of Guardium that works with your databases for compliance monitoring and data security. You can install and configure the External S-TAP service in high-availability mode to intercept TCP/IP traffic (plain-text or encrypted) between Cloud Pak for Data users and database services. The intercepted traffic is sent to the Guardium collector for parsing, policy enforcement, logging, and reporting.

To monitor database instances on Cloud Pak for Data with the External S-TAP service, you must also acquire IBM Guardium Data Protection entitlements.

Use the External S-TAP service to monitor any data source that is supported by the Guardium External S-TAP. For a list of supported data sources, see Guardium External S-TAP Supported Platforms.

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