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Anaconda Repository for IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Version 1.0.1


With the Anaconda Repository for IBM Cloud Pak for Data service, your
enterprise can control the open source packages that data scientists can
use in Jupyter notebooks and JupyterLab in Watson Studio analytics projects.

With the service, you can get Conda package updates in real time, as they are released, and you have access to:

  • More than 7500 Anaconda packages in Python and R
  • Numerous open source packages in Conda-Forge, CRAN, and PyPl

You can also use Anaconda Repository for IBM Cloud Pak for Data to store
your own proprietary packages.

Anaconda Repository for IBM Cloud Pak for Data puts you in control:

  • Block, exclude, and include packages according to your enterprise standards
  • Specify which packages your team can download and who can access them
  • Keep vulnerabilities and unreliable software out of your data science and machine learning pipelines
  • Manage dependent packages and give users quicker access to open source software

Data scientists in analytics projects can create custom environment definitions that include the conda channels and packages from the repository and then use those environments to run Jupyter notebooks and scripts.

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