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Setting up multiple instances of the Watson OpenScale service

After you install the Watson™ OpenScale service, a default instance is created. You can create new instances based on the default or initial instance by using the IBM® Cloud Pak for Data user interface. Each instance is independent each other and can be run as a multitenancy.


  1. Navigate to the Zen home page on the IBM Cloud Pak for Data cluster (for example,
  2. From the main menu, click Services > Instances .
  3. From the instances page, click New instance.
  4. From the services catalog page, select Watson OpenScale.
  5. From the Watson OpenScale catalog page, click New instance.
  6. From the new service instance page, complete the following fields: Name for the instance, Namespace, and Description; and then, click Next.
  7. Review information and click Create.
  8. Navigate to the Watson OpenScale Insights dashboard and, from the drop-down list, select the instance that you want to use.