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Post-installation tasks for new OpenPages instances

Before you can use OpenPages®, you need to complete some post-installation tasks. Do these tasks when you provision a new instance.


  1. Get the URL for your OpenPages instance.
    1. In the Cloud Pak for Data menu or on the home page, click Instances.
      A list of your provisioned instances is displayed.
    2. Click the OpenPages instance.
    3. Copy the URL in the URL field. Store it in a bookmark or favorite in your browser.
      You'll use this URL to log in to OpenPages.
  2. Change the passwords of the out-of-the-box user accounts.
    1. In a supported browser, go to the OpenPages URL and log in as admin.
      The admin user is the default super administrator for the OpenPages application.
    2. Change the password.
      The OpenPages application is displayed.
    3. Log in to each of the remaining out-of-the box user accounts and change the password.
  3. If you plan to use OpenPages Loss Event Entry, see Post-installation tasks for OpenPages Loss Event Entry.

What to do next

After you have provisioned an instance of OpenPages, you can administer it. See Administering OpenPages.