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Log files for OpenPages

You can collect log files and diagnostics for your OpenPages® instance. Collect the log files and diagnostics before you contact IBM® Support.

  1. Use the web client to run a diagnostics job for your OpenPages instance.

    For more information, see Gathering diagnostic information.
  2. Click Download ZIP and save the file.

    The compressed file includes logs and diagnostics for each replica. The Db2® logs that are generated by OpenPages are collected in replica 0 only.

    In the compressed file, the top level directory is the name of your diagnostics job. The following table shows where to find logs.

For these logs... Go here
OpenPages application log files <job_name>/OpenPages/productLogs/openpages-<instance name>-sts-<N>/LogCollector_<timestamp>.zip/OpenPages/aurora/logs
WebSphere® Liberty logs <job_name>/OpenPages/productLogs/openpages-<instance name>-sts-<N>/LogCollector_<timestamp>.zip/OpenPages/usr/servers/defaultServer/logs
Db2 logs generated by OpenPages <job_name>/OpenPages/productLogs/openpages-<instance name>-sts-0/LogCollector_<timestamp>.zip/Database

Not applicable if you're using an external database

Container log files <job_name>/OpenPages/containerLogs/