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AI services

Ready to install an AI service? Use the following information to find the steps to install each of the AI services.

Service Pricing Details
IBM® Match 360 with Watson™ Included with Cloud Pak for Data Build a 360-degree view of your customers by matching data from disparate sources to create a single, complete, and trusted version of the truth.

IBM Match 360

Voice Gateway * Separately priced Enable direct voice interactions over a telephone with a cognitive self-service agent, transcribe phone calls for real-time feedback, and integrate Watson services with a public or private telephone network.

Voice Gateway

Watson Assistant * Separately priced Build conversational interfaces into any app, device, or channel.

Watson Assistant

Watson Assistant for Voice Interaction * Separately priced A bundle of services that deliver a Watson-based voice automation system.

Watson Assistant for Voice Interaction

Watson Discovery * Separately priced Find answers and uncover insights in your complex business content.

Watson Discovery

Watson Machine Learning Included with Cloud Pak for Data Deploy machine-learning models into production at scale.

Watson Machine Learning

Watson Machine Learning Accelerator* Included with Cloud Pak for Data A platform that delivers accelerated deep learning for data scientists.

Watson Machine Learning Accelerator

Watson OpenScale Included with Cloud Pak for Data Infuse your AI with trust and transparency. Understand how your AI models make decisions to detect and mitigate bias.

Watson OpenScale

Watson Speech to Text * Separately priced Quickly convert audio and voice into written text.

Watson Speech to Text

Watson Studio Included with Cloud Pak for Data Unleash the power of your data. Build custom models and infuse your business with AI and machine learning.

Watson Studio

Watson Text to Speech * Separately priced Convert written text into natural-sounding speech.

Watson Text to Speech