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Developing edge applications with IBM Edge Analytics

You can develop streaming applications that are run on an edge system or an IBM® Streams service instance in IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Before you begin

You must install the Streams service on Cloud Pak for Data. The Streams instance is used to develop and build the applications that you run on the edge systems. For more information, see Installing Streams.

After the Streams service is installed, you must provision a Streams service instance in Cloud Pak for Data. After you provision a Streams service instance, you get a Streams instance and a build service, ready to build, deploy, and monitor your streaming applications. For more information, see Provisioning Streams.

About this task

  • The Import and Export operators are not supported in edge applications.
  • The Pub and Sub operators are not supported in edge applications.
  • In Streams Flows, the Streams operator (source and target) is not supported.
  • Consistent regions are not supported in edge applications.
  • All edge applications run as a single processing element.
  • Edge applications must be built on the Streams service in Cloud Pak for Data. Streams Studio is not supported for developing edge applications.

For more information about using Streams, see the IBM Streams in IBM Cloud Pak for Data videos.


Choose the appropriate development environment for your edge application:

What to do next

After you develop an edge application, you can use an IBM Streams development environment or a Streams Python API program to build it. For more information, see Building an edge application.