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Preparing your database environment

Before you install and deploy EDB Postgres Standard, you should plan for your database environment.

Preparing your environment for your database

You must prepare your cluster by creating the appropriate number of worker nodes to host the database.

The following table shows the worker node and storage requirements.

Number of worker nodes Specifications for worker nodes Storage requirements
1 or more
Minimum configuration
The following minimum requirements are enforced during deployment:
  • Cores: 1
  • Memory: 2 GB
Supported storage
  • Portworx (required storage class: portworx-db-gp). You must create this class manually. See Creating Portworx storage classes.
  • ocs-storagecluster-ceph-rbd (required storage class: ocs-storagecluster-rdb)
Recommended configuration
Size the storage based on the amount of data that you plan to store.