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Scaling Db2 Data Management Console

You can scale the Db2® Data Management Console.

Before you begin

Review the minimum system requirements before you make changes. See System requirements for services.

About this task

When you provision an Db2 Data Management Console instance, you choose a size for the instance. The following table shows the default sizes.

Table 1. Default sizes for Db2 Data Management Console instances
Size CPU Memory
Small 3.7 vCPUs 9.5Gi RAM
Medium 9 vCPUs 18Gi RAM
Large 18 vCPUs 36Gi RAM
For the Db2 Data Management Console server, you can:
  • Change the size of the instance, for example from Small to Medium.
  • Increase or decrease the number of vCPUs.
  • Increase or decrease the memory.
Tip: To check the current scaleConfig or vCPUs and memory, run the following command:
oc get <Project>/<dmcs_cr_name> -o yaml
Note: Run scaling operations when the cluster is quiet.


  1. Log in to your Red Hat® OpenShift® cluster as a project administrator.
    oc login OpenShift_URL:port
  2. Change to the project where Db2 Data Management Console is installed:
    oc project <Project>
  3. Run the following command:
    oc edit dmcs <dmcs_cr_name>
  4. Use one or more of the following options:
    Change the size of the instance
    Under metadata, modify the scaleConfig parameter. For example:


    The scaleConfig=small parameter uses the values in Table 1, unless the customScaleConfig parameter is defined.

    Change the resources for the instance
    Under spec, add or modify the following lines:
        cpu: 8 
        memory: 12Gi  

    When both scaleConfig and total_resources are specified, total_resources takes precedence and scaleConfig is ignored.