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Creating a data transformation job

You use the DataStageĀ® service to create data transformation jobs.


  1. Choose Projects > All projects from the menu, then create or open a project of type 'Data transform' in which to create a job.
    • If you are creating a project, click New project on the projects page.
    • If you are creating a job in an existing project, open the project from the list on the projects page, then click the Create + icon on the Jobs tab.
  2. Select connectors or stages as needed from the canvas palette. You can add a source or target stage to the canvas in three ways:
    • Drag the "Connections" connector from the palette to the canvas, which opens the Live Connection Asset Browser. From the browser, you pick an existing connection/schema/table/column. Because the connection exists already, the connection details, such as URL, user ID, password, and table, are added to the connector automatically. You can also import a connection by clicking the Import icon in the Live Connection Asset Browser.
    • Drag a database connector from the palette to the canvas, which opens the Table Definition Asset Browser. This browser shows a schema representation of the connection. Use the browser to configure the connection.
    • Click the Import icon on the toolbar of the Connections page to import a connection.

    When you choose a table from the Live Connection Asset Browser, you also have the option of selecting an available view that was created by using the Data Virtualization service.

    Find your connector or stage quickly by using the find icon in the palette.

    To delete an object from the canvas, select the object on the canvas that you want to delete, then click the Delete icon on the toolbar. Or select the object and press DELETE on your keyboard if you are using Windows. Press FN + DELETE if you are using a Mac.

  3. Create links between the nodes that you created on the canvas by clicking and holding the output nub on a node and dragging it to the input nub on another node. You can also select a node on the canvas, then drag a database connector to the canvas. The link between the selected node and the connector you just dragged to the canvas is automatically added.
  4. Double-click any node to open the Details card next to the canvas. Use the Details card to configuring various properties of the node, such as operations, keys, properties, and columns.
  5. Click Save to save the job.


Watch the following video for an example of how to create a simple parallel job.

This video provides a visual method as an alternative to following the written steps in this documentation.