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Managing users (Cognos Analytics)

After you provision the Cognos® Analytics service, you must give users access to the service.

Before you begin

Required permissions: To complete this task the first time, you must be the user who provisioned the service. If you add other users as Analytics Administrators for the service, they can also manage users.

About this task

As an administrator of the Cognos Analytics service, you can specify which users have access to the service and the permissions that they have.

Users can have one of the following roles:

Role Description
Analytics Administrators This role has all of the permissions associated with the Analytics Explorers role.
In addition, users assigned this role can:
  • Add other users to the service.
  • Access the IBM Software Development Kit.
Analytics Explorers This role has all of the permissions associated with the Analytics Users role.
In addition, users assigned this role can access:
  • Exploration
  • Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel
  • Cognos Framework Manager
  • Cognos Cube Designer
  • Dynamic Query Analyzer
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Transformer
Analytics Users Users assigned to this role can create:
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Stories
  • Jobs
  • Data server/source connections
  • Data modules
They can also:
  • Execute reports
  • Respond to prompts
  • Upload files
And they can access:
  • Cognos for Microsoft Office
  • Cognos Workspace
  • Cognos Event Studio
  • Cognos Query Studio
  • Cognos Analysis Studio

Analytics Viewer

Users assigned to this role can read public content. For example, they can subscribe to reports and view dashboards and stories. However, they cannot run public content, which means that they cannot schedule reports.


To manage the users who can access the service:

  1. Log in to the IBM® Cloud Pak for Data web client.
  2. From the menu, select My instances.
  3. On the Provisioned instances tab, locate the cognos-analytics-app instance.
  4. From the action menu, select Manage access.
  5. To add users:
    1. Click Grant access.
    2. Select the users to add and the role that each user has.
      You cannot change a user's role after you add them. If you need to change their role, you must delete the user and re-add them with a new role.
    3. Click OK.
  6. To remove users, select the user. Then, from the actions menu, click Remove.