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Accessing the audit reports

You can log events from Cognos Analytics to a relational database, then access the audit reports.

About this task

To access the audit reports, start Cognos® Analytics, and complete the following steps:


  1. Create the connection to the database.
    1. Click Manage > Administration Console > Configuration > Data Source Connections, and click New Data Source.
    2. Create a data source called Audit.
      Note: The sample reports connect to the Audit connection name.

      The connection details are for the audit database connection that you created in IBM® Cloud Pak for Data.

  2. Import the deployment. To do so, from the Administration Console, complete the following steps:
    1. Click Configuration.
    2. Click Content Administration.
    3. Click the New Import icon.
    4. Select IBM_Cognos_Audit and follow the prompts to save and run the job.


The imported reports are located in Team Content > Samples > By feature > Audit. For a description of each sample report, see Sample audit model and audit reports.