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Running SQL and exploring your service instance (Db2 Big SQL)

With Db2® Big SQL, you can access data residing on legacy remote Hadoop clusters and on private or public cloud object stores, and then run SQL analytics on that data. You can also explore the service instance by using IBM® Db2 Data Management Console (DMC).

Service This service is not available by default. An administrator must install this service on the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform, and you must be given access to the service. To determine whether the service is installed, open the Services catalog and check whether the service is enabled.

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The Db2 Big SQL service in Cloud Pak for Data works much like the existing on-premises IBM Db2 Big SQL version For more information about Db2 Big SQL, see the IBM Db2 Big SQL V7.1 documentation.

Tip: For information about SQL statements that are supported by Db2 Big SQL, see SQL reference.