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Running the Db2 Big SQL health check command

After provisioning or scaling a Db2® Big SQL instance with multiple workers, you can use the Db2 Big SQL health check command to validate or repair any inconsistencies in your multi-worker configuration.

Before you begin

Wait at least 3 minutes after the bigsql instance Custom Resource is in a Ready state (you can check this by running the oc get bigsql command) before running the health check command.

About this task

This online operation takes only a few seconds to complete.


  1. Log in to your OpenShift® cluster as a project administrator:
    oc login OpenShift_URL:port
  2. Change to the project where the Cloud Pak for Data control plane is installed.
    oc project Project
  3. Identify the Db2 Big SQL instance ID.
    oc get cm -l component=db2bigsql -o custom-columns="Instance Id:{.data.instance_id},Instance Name:{.data.instance_name},Created:{.metadata.creationTimestamp}"
  4. Get the name of the Db2 Big SQL head pod:
    head_pod=$(oc get pod -l app=bigsql-<instanceid>,name=dashmpp-head-0 --no-headers=true
  5. Run the following health check command:
    oc exec -i $head_pod -- sudo su - db2inst1 -c "/usr/ibmpacks/current/bigsql/bigsql/bigsql-cli/bigsql-admin -health"