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What's new and changed in Watson Machine Learning Accelerator

Watson™ Machine Learning Acceleratorupdates can include new features, bug fixes, and security updates. Updates are listed in reverse chronological order so that the latest release is at the top.

You can see a list of the new features for the platform and all of the services at What's new in IBM Cloud Pak for Data?

Initial release of Cloud Pak for Data Version 4.0

A new version of Watson Machine Learning Accelerator was released as part of Cloud Pak for Data Version 4.0.

Assembly version: 2.3.0

This release includes the following changes:

New features
Version 2.3.0 of the Watson Machine Learning Accelerator service includes the following features and updates:
Support for new deep learning libraries
Watson Machine Learning Accelerator now includes support the following deep learning libraries:
  • TensorFlow 2.4.1
  • PyTorch 1.7.1
  • NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 11.0, which supports NVIDIA Ampere 100 GPU
Support for high availability
You can deploy highly available instances of Watson Machine Learning Accelerator with multiple active replicas.

For details, see Installing Watson Machine Learning Accelerator.

Support for OpenShift® Container Storage
You can now install Watson Machine Learning Accelerator with OpenShift Container Storage.

For details, see Compute, memory, and storage requirements.

Support for audit logging
Watson Machine Learning Accelerator integrates with the Cloud Pak for Data audit logging feature. The following events generate logs:
  • Batch training create, read and update
  • Notebook create, read and update
  • Resource Plan create, read and update
  • Hyperparameter optimization create, read and update
  • Inference deployment create, read and update
  • Inference model create, read and update
  • Platform application read and stop

For details, see Services that support audit logging.