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Run parameters (Decision Optimization)

There are various run parameters that you can select for the optimization solve in the Decision Optimization experiment UI

Run configuration parameters

When you click the Run Configuration icon next to the Run button in the Model view of the experiment UI, a window opens showing you the currently set parameter values. You can click Add parameter and then choose from the following parameters from the Select Parameters drop-down menu.

Name Type Description
Runtime limit Number You can use this parameter to set a time limit in seconds.
Log detail level Enum
  • OFF
  • INFO
  • FINE
You can use this to define the level of detail provided by engine log. The default value is INFO.
Job memory Number You can use this parameter to set a job memory limit in MB.
Python version 3.7 or 3.8 You can use this parameter to set the Python version for the run. If not specified, Python 3.7 is used by default.

If you choose Custom parameter... from the Select Parameters drop-down menu you can add the following advanced parameters.

Name Description
Modeling Assistant only

For CPLEX ma.cplex.parameters.<Python cplex parameter name>

For CPO ma.cpo.parameters.<Python cpo parameter name>

Python names for CPLEX and CPO parameters can be entered with the prefixes ma.cplex.parameters. or ma.cpo.parameters.

For example,



For a list of parameters see:

Once you have set the run configuration parameters they will remain with those values for all subsequent runs for that scenario. You can set different run configurations for different scenarios.

You can remove set parameters by hovering over the parameter displayed in the Run configuration window and clicking the remove button.