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Use the following information to plan your IBM® Cloud Pak for Data installation.

Required knowledge

Cloud Pak for Data is deployed on Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform. To successfully install and administer Cloud Pak for Data, you must have a strong understanding of Red Hat OpenShift processes and concepts.

For information on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, see the Red Hat documentation:

Ensure that your cluster is running before you install Cloud Pak for Data.

In addition, ensure that you review all of the planning information in the Cloud Pak for Data documentation before you install Cloud Pak for Data or any services on top of Cloud Pak for Data.

User roles

Some planning and installation tasks can be completed only by a Red Hat OpenShift cluster administrator, while other tasks can be completed by a project administrator. The planning and installation documentation calls out which role is required for each task.

The following table illustrates the types of tasks that are typically associated with each administrative role. The list is not intended to be exhaustive.

Role Tasks
Red Hat OpenShift cluster administrator Red Hat OpenShift cluster administrator
  • Configuring storage
  • Creating projects (namespaces)
  • Creating security accounts
  • Creating Security Context Constraints
  • Identifying security requirements
  • Providing environment details
Project administrator Project administrator
  • Installing the control plane
  • Installing services
  • Setting up the web client